McLellans Transport Group

McLellans Transport Group

CUMBERNAULD ROAD, GLASGOW, – The Pallet Network Member, Freight Village, 100,000 SQ. FT of warehousing space now available, International Freight Forwarding

We have developed is a relatively new concept which we call “Freight Village” the demographics of Scotland indicate that the vast majority of supplies by road come into the central belt, however more and more customers are looking to a single logistics supplier for all their needs.

We are very close to motorway networks and have excellent access with covered offloading facilities and offer other logistics companies and or manufacturers the opportunity to deliver 24 pallets into their end user and drop of smaller consignments for delivery out with the central belt into ourselves for onward delivery-often on a next day basis, indeed we have the capacity to collect in the North hold consignments at our facility with the haulier calling in more or less on a 24/7 basis to collect his products.

It reduces the number of vehicles on the road, cuts haulier costs in time & fuel etc.


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