Alleyls Heavy Haulage

Alleyls Heavy Haulage

REDDITCH, WARWICKSHIRE – UK Transport solutions, Freight forwarder, Road Haulage services, Pallet delivery, Wide/Heavy abnormal

Heavy Haulage
Abnormal & Indivisible Loads
European & Continental deliveries
Extendable Flat Beds
Heavy Haulage
Low loaders to 120 tons
Modular Trailers to 350 tonnes
Semi-extendable Trailers to 90 tonnes
High & Wide Load Transport

Our fleet of modern vehicles are regularly maintained in our own on-site workshops guaranteeing reliability thus ensuring a fast and efficient service to our customers.

Summary of available equipment:
Tractor Units

20 off 6×2 Daf tractor units ranging from 41t to 44t gross.

Trailers including 13.6m Flats, PSK, Skeletal, Curtain Siders and Euro liners.

Step frames from bed heights of 600mm, Tilts and Tankers.

Heavy Haulage Tractor Units
DAF 8×4 XF 480 250t
DAF 8×4 XF 430 250t
DAF 8×4 XF 480 150t
DAF 8×4 95-430 150t
DAF 6×4 95-430 150t x 2
DAF 6×2 XF530 100t
DAF 6×2 XF430 100t
DAF 6×2 95-430 100t
Volvo 6×4 FL12 420 120t

We operate ten of these vehicles, two are rated at 250 tonnes, four at 150 tonnes, one at 120 tonnes and three at 100 tonnes. These vehicles are all Heavy Haulage Tractor Units which can be used in both artic form with a variety of Low Loaders and Semi Trailers, or ballasted for use with road modules.



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